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Troop Leaders

American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered ministry designed to celebrate girlhood in every way. The ministry exists to guide girls toward becoming women of integrity through exploring life skills, faith, and service. If this stirs your heart toward action, consider volunteering in our AHG Troop! 

Becoming a registered Adult Member allows you to participate in Troop activities, be counted as part of our two-deep leadership, and allows you to take on other leadership roles in our Troop. The process requires you to pay the membership fee, complete a background check, and complete a training on the KEYS to Child Safety.

Troop Structure

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12, NIV

Just as the scripture above demonstrates, the body of Christ requires each one to come together in the Kingdom of God, the same is true in the Troop structure. The Troop Board is made up of five positions that are selected by the Charter Organization and entrusted with implementing the mission of building women of integrity. Because of their influence and focus on establishing goals for the Troop, the selection of Troop Board Members is crucial to ensure that the right people are serving on the Troop Board. The Troop Board represents their Charter Organization and AHG, Inc. to Troop families and the local community. Each position has its own volunteer ministry description which outlines the responsibilities and qualifications for the position. To protect the integrity of the Troop’s decision-making process, the Troop Board Members should not be related to one another. If the Charter Organization has any questions or concerns about the Troop Board structure, please discuss them with your Hometown Mentor or Troop Coach.

Volunteer Position Recruitment and Selection

AHG is a family-supported program that encourages both Girl and Adult Members involvement. The Troop will benefit most when utilizing the gifts and strengths from all families. An AHG Troop Board Member would like to connect with you to learn more about your gifts and strengths, and how you might use them within the Troop to grow God’s Kingdom. As an Adult Member of AHG you can:

  • Serve in the Troop impacting the lives of girls for Christ

  • Connect with other like-minded volunteers

  • Attend AHG Leadership Conferences, Conventions, and AHGequip Live! events

  • Gain access to:

    • Member-only resources in AHGresource

    • Special member-only discounts such as American Red Cross, Family Life/Passport to products, Great Wolf Lodge, Always Icecream, Delicate Seams, DDSA, eKnowledge, For Girls Like You, Sky Ranch, HSDLA

All AHG registered adults will walk through a selection process by the Troop to discern if and where someone might best fit within the Troop. If selected, the adult will complete registration including a completion of an application, registration fee, background check and KEYS to Child Safety Training. Registered adults will complete training pertinent to their specific role.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer in the Troop, please contact a Troop Board Member.

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